"Practice turning people into trees."

— Amanda

Artist Statement

I have learned many things in schools, universities and institutions. I have a Master's degree in Fine Art with an emphasis in Painting and Drawing. I have a bachelor's degree in Philosophy with an emphasis on ethics. Nothing can replace the life lessons that every human being is subject to every day we are alive. Nothing can replace hours spent reflecting on life with a pencil or brush in hand. Art is meant to bring people together and offer a common ground of understanding. 

My work explores every day life through florals, Still life and portraiture but also, I hope, opens the door for people who think they are different to feel that they are not so different after all. 

"The Forest" Statement

Some people cannot see the forest because they are focused on a tree or two. In this series of artworks I will practice turning people into trees. I will use mixed media paper, watercolor paper and stretched canvas to create with graphite, charcoal, watercolor and acrylic. The purpose of the series is to explore the naturalness of humanity by practicing turning people into trees. I was inspired by the quote from Ram Dass about accepting people as they are by turning people into trees; however I do not think we should stop there. As a global community we all need to practice seeing the forest of humanity for what it is. This will be an ongoing series starting in Spring 2022 - current.