Artistic Influences

When I was a child my favorite art was comic-book style, like most children. However I have developed an appreciation for a style of artwork that sits on the fence between purely representational and abstract.

Below is a list of artists I admire and view regularly.

  • Alfons Mucha I love his work, it bridges the gap between fine art and illustration and it’s just captivating every time I view one of his pieces! 🙂
  • Steve Huston
    Steve is a great teacher. I love hearing his lectures on art history, art philosophy, and down to earth approach to creating.
    His work is beautiful and I admire the spirit of his style.
  • .Carne Griffiths
    I came across this artist in 2012 and I could not look away. His style touches me and inspires me.
  • Carl Plansky
    I love the passion in his work! Every chance I get, I like to visit Elder Gallery in Charlotte which has a large collection of Plansky’s work. In person the work is very inspiring, his work always resonates with me on a personal level.
  • Kai Samuels-Davis 
    His work inspires me. The energy in his work, the realism and fantasy entertain my mind.