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My name is Amanda Rose, I enjoy art and thinking. I believe art is a way for the soul to express itself. I practice philosophy, yoga, and also visual art (painting/drawing). I like to dabble in music (violin), writing (poetry) and games – like chess – as well but my main focus is usually on philosophy, yoga, painting and drawing.

I do have a BA in Philosophy and Ethics and I am currently a graduate student in a Master of Fine Arts program for painting and drawing. All seriousness aside, I just love life, people, and trying to make sense of everything which is why I make art. It’s a special feeling to be able to create something that can add a little more to the world– a little more feeling, thought, togetherness? Yes, togetherness 🙂

This website is intended to represent one artist, me, as a whole person. Instead of presenting myself in a box, I like to acknowledge that no one and nothing exists without context. I like to look at the bigger picture, and this is my bigger picture. Please feel free to contact me or comment on my blogs!




Truth Monster

  Sometimes I miss what we had and then I remember the monster hiding inside you plucking at your wrinkles every time I’d wound that tender ego, the way you raised your eyebrows trying to run away from all my honesty… we still cannot have a conversation because I gladly hang myself from every crease in …

Not Interested

I felt like sketching a man today, so I found a reference image from New Masters Academy(which I subscribe to as a resource) and I also wrote a poem 🙂 Happy Saturday!   Not Interested ——————————————————————— A sales man called today he asked to speak to Mr. or Mrs. married name … and I said …


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