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My name is Amanda Rose, I enjoy art and thinking. I believe art is a way for the soul to express itself. I practice philosophy, yoga, and also visual art (painting/drawing). I like to dabble in music (violin), writing (poetry) and games – like chess – as well but my main focus is usually on philosophy, yoga, painting and drawing.

I do have a BA in Philosophy and Ethics and I am currently a graduate student in a Master of Fine Arts program for painting and drawing. All seriousness aside, I just love life, people, and trying to make sense of everything which is why I make art. It’s a special feeling to be able to create something that can add a little more to the world– a little more feeling, thought, togetherness? Yes, togetherness 🙂

This website is intended to represent one artist, me, as a whole person. Instead of presenting myself in a box, I like to acknowledge that no one and nothing exists without context. I like to look at the bigger picture, and this is my bigger picture. Please feel free to contact me or comment on my blogs!




Feb 24 Still life in 2 values

The goal was to paint this still life using just 2 values. It is interesting to see how much the composition of a painting relies on the value pattern. This is an assignment for a fundamentals class. A review class in my MFA program.  


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